LED is about to drive the revolution of lighting technology

UHB and HB LEDs are used in lighting applications; it is predicted that in 2012, UHB LEDs will account for 31% of the total LED output value, which is much higher than the 4% in 2005. In the near future, the backlight for small LCD display and mobile device keypad will be the largest application of LED, which will account for more than 25% of the total LED output this year.

Starting in 2007, the backlight for larger LCDs such as notebook computers and LCD TVs will be the next major application for LEDs. In addition, the development of new technologies in the future will assist LEDs in the emerging applications of decoration and construction. At present, the cost of BLU (LCD Back Light Units) is still much higher than that of the traditional CCFL BLU, but the gap is rapidly shrinking, and the performance of the former is obviously excellent. A number of LED suppliers, BLU manufacturers, LCD panel suppliers and TV/monitor manufacturers are beginning to use LEDs on large LCDs. In addition, iSuppli expects LED bulbs to enter the residential and corporate general lighting market in 2010.

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