Energy-saving issues fever LED bulb price reduction strategy effect

LED lighting is promising in the trend of falling prices and continuous technological advancement. ITRI estimates that LED lighting will grow substantially from 2011. In 2014, the scale of Taiwan's lighting market will reach 70.8 billion US dollars (about NT$2.14 trillion). yuan).

Observing the successful experience of promoting LED bulbs in Japan, mainly due to government policy support, the ability of manufacturers to reduce costs, Japan's high electricity prices and consumer environmental awareness, etc., prompted the Japanese LED bulbs to become more common.

With the price reduction strategy of Taiwan's LED bulbs, the downstream channels are actively deployed, including traditional water and electricity, 3C shopping malls and DIY stores. The Institute of Industrial Engineering pointed out that compared with last year, the price of LED bulbs has dropped by about 40% this year. In the future, price cuts will continue to drive demand in the end consumer market, while price declines and product stability are key to consumers' choice of products.

In the application of LED lighting in retail lighting, ITRI pointed out that LED has a long life and can reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the color, color temperature and color rendering can be different depending on the subject, and different light sources can be selected to further enhance the aesthetic effect. Due to the lack of red light and violet light in LED light, it is also often used in museums and art gallery projects to avoid damage to exhibits.

In addition, the lighting part of the display is mainly based on frozen and low-temperature LED lighting systems, which are used in large-scale retail stores and lighting beverage vending machines, as well as convenience stores to introduce LED low-temperature lighting.

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