Philips and Cree Accelerate Expansion of LED Lighting Market

Philips and its upstream supplier of LED components, Philips Lumileds, are focusing on the development of high-power LED-related products. High-power LEDs can maintain LED high luminous efficiency under high current driving, and improve LED cold-heat function, making the LED light output more The previous generation product increased by 10%, which has more development advantages than other types of LED.

LED lighting is one of the main focuses of the future development of Philips's green energy industry. Philips will invest 1 billion euros, about 1.29 billion US dollars, in the development of green energy products. LED lighting revenue is expected to account for 50% of its lighting business by 2015. In 2020, it will further increase to 75%.

Planar light wave circuit splitter(PLC splitter) is an optical power device of light wave technology, based on quartz plate planar which is used in local side or termination of Passive Optical Network(EPON, BPON, GPON etc.) for splitting of optical signal. It can be widely used in optical transmission, long distance transmission, subscriber loop, FTTH, telecommunication, CATV, testing devices, fiber optic sensor, data communication and WAN.
Low Insertion
Compact Design
Good channel-to-channel uniformity
Wide Operating Wavelength: 1260-1650nm
Wide Operating Temperature: -40°C - 85°C

Tube Type PLC Splitter

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