Nanjing's first batch of new energy-saving lamps illuminate Zhujiang Road

The first batch of 56-inch new energy-saving street lamps in Nanjing were lighted on the road from Zhongshan Road to Taiping North Road on Zhujiang Road. According to the City Street Light Management Office, this type of street light is more than 44% energy efficient compared to the 250 watt high pressure sodium lamp originally used.
According to experts from the City Street Light Management Office, the newly installed warm white light street lamp adopts a new generation of light source for urban road lighting. The lighting is closer to natural daylight, making it easier for people to distinguish the color of the road and surrounding environment, and better ensure the safety and comfort of the road. Sex.
The energy-saving features of the newly installed street lamps are also more obvious. Compared with the high-power nano lamps with the same power, the warm white light-saving street lamps can save 10% of the electric energy and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 40%. In the case of meeting the illumination requirements, the newly installed 140-watt warm white light street lamp on the Pearl River Road has an energy-saving effect of more than 44% compared with the original 250-watt high-pressure sodium lamp, which is more in line with environmental lighting and green lighting requirements.
At present, Shanghai, Chongqing and other cities have adopted such warm white light street lamps on some roads, which is the first time in Nanjing. The person in charge said that in order to implement the national energy conservation and emission reduction requirements, the city will actively adopt new technologies and new light sources in the construction of urban lighting facilities, and promote new energy-saving street lamps in conditional sections.

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