Wenzhou shoe owner Nuggets LED lights to sell to get the Expo order

"This is our shoe factory." Chairman Zhu Jianping led the author to the door of Lai Lisi Footwear Co., Ltd., but was stopped by the security guard. "Sorry, who are you looking for?"
The guard does not know the boss, this scene is a bit interesting - because Zhu Jianping has not invested in the shoe factory since he put his energy into the development of LED lights in 2006. This shoe company is currently managed by his wife and family, and sales in 2009 exceeded 200 million yuan.
The wife earned money to develop LED
Focusing on the field of LED lights for 4 years, he ushered in a good return in 2010. "Highlighting Technology" high-power LED street lights, LED floodlights, LED downlights, etc. have been applied to the 41m floor of the permanent exhibition area of ​​the "China Pavilion" of the World Expo, the only LED road lighting in the "Expo Park", and the independent exhibition area. The lighting of the "bird cage" in the eco-home in Shanghai.
The Lillis family is a pioneer in the manufacture of shoes in Wenzhou and has been in business for nearly 30 years. In 2009, "Lilis" sales exceeded 200 million yuan, and the annual profit was tens of millions of yuan.
But Zhu Jianping feels that the foreign trade of leather shoes is always subject to people, and they have to be their own high-tech industry. After choosing the LED industry, he immediately found out that this is not good. Two core issues need to be solved: the stability of the AC-DC converter, and the optical attenuation control technology.
Since 2006, he started research and development, and until the test was completed in 2010, he has invested more than 70 million yuan. Speaking of this money, Zhu Jianping is very fortunate: this high-tech is really not good, but fortunately I still have some family.
"In the past few years, the money earned by Lillies Shoes has basically been invested in Concentration Technology."
Zhu Jianping made a joke with the author: "The shoe company is my wife, so they are actually raising me."
A converter, the Dutch people contribute to Wenzhou people to operate LED, have their own set - technology, the introduction of foreign plus independent research and development; marketing themselves; processing is partly entrusted to mainland enterprises (such as AC DC power converter).
The most fundamental competitiveness of LEDs lies in power saving. Power saving requires good results in terms of luminous efficiency, light attenuation, and current conversion.
The slow decay of light means that the lamp has a long service life and a one-time input can have more utility. Zhu Jianping gave an example. "We have a department store near our company. The monthly electricity bill is more than 1 million yuan. We can save half of our electricity with our lamps, which is 500,000 yuan per month and 6 million yuan per year. The cost of a single-use LED lamp for this size is 15 million yuan, which means 2 to 3 years of recycling costs, which can be profitable in the next few years, and our lighting decays very slowly, with a life expectancy of at least 5 years."
Of course, every step of the technology has to make a hard effort. Let's say that a DC AC power converter is equipped with LED lights. The R&D team is “Netherlands + China” – they have developed in cooperation with Philips' power research and development company, and the production has found a factory in Henan.
"The plant is good, the labor cost is low, and I can control the cost better." Zhu Jianping said.
Wenzhou enterprise transformation, profit from high technology
In 2009, after a series of tests and trial sales, Concentration Technology received millions of dollars in revenue.

This income is not the goal of Zhu Jianping. Since January 2010, the company has officially launched the market.
"In addition to entering the World Expo, we also have some cooperation with customers such as Zhejiang Transportation Group, and signed a three-year contract with a Shanghai company for a single LED eyeball lamp, with a single contract amounting to more than 50 million yuan."
Zhu Jianping told the author that he was making shoes in the first 30 years. "Now, the Aokang and Kangnai brands are up, we can't catch up; foreign trade is subject to people everywhere, and profits are getting less and less."
Wenzhou's industrial land supply is tight and labor costs are high. The foreign trade situation in the past two years is unmatched in the heyday. These factors have led Wenzhou entrepreneurs to turn to industries with higher technology content and higher profit margins. For example, Conch Group, which used to make condiments and umbrellas, has now added bio-pharmaceutical and bio-indicative plates. Huayi Electric, which used to be a low-voltage electric appliance, has made a breakthrough in the wind power machine. The Kane Group, which originally made the trademark ribbon, cut into The field of money counters...
You Jusen, deputy director of the Wenzhou Economic and Trade Commission, told the author that in 2009, the total industrial output value of Wenzhou's society was 537.7 billion yuan, of which new industries such as new energy, biological products and environmental protection products contributed 10%-15%, and this proportion is still rising.

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