Capital predators compete for new energy vehicle market

Gree Electric announced that it has confirmed that the major matters currently planned are the issuance of shares to purchase assets, and the transaction target is Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd.

According to the official website of Zhuhai Yinlong, as of the end of 2015, Zhuhai Yinlong has built three production bases in Zhuhai, Guangdong, Wu'an and Shijiazhuang, respectively, and has an annual output of 33,000 pure electric buses and 100,000 sports multi-functional electric vehicles. The battery is 620 million ampere-hours, the raw material of lithium titanate battery is 5,000 tons, and the energy storage capacity is 800MW.

Capital predators compete for new energy vehicle market

It is reported that Zhuhai Yinlong achieved 7000 new energy vehicle sales orders in 2015, with a total output value of 10 billion yuan. Among them, 3,189 pure electric buses were produced, and the annual sales volume of pure electric buses ranked seventh in the country.

This announcement by Gree shows that Gree Electric, which produces air conditioners as its main business, not only manufactures mobile phones, but also produces new energy vehicles.

Globally, a number of technology companies have deployed new energy vehicles in the field and began to align with Tesla. Li Bin, Li Xiang’s Wei Lai, Jia Yueting’s LeTV, and so on. Nowadays, Dong Mingzhu, who has spent more than a year, will also lead Gree to grab the market from BYD, the new energy vehicle leader who is at the helm of Wang Chuanfu.

Prior to the domestic independent brand of new energy vehicles "flagman" has been BYD. BYD also began to taste the sweetness of the continuous investment in new energy vehicles. The company expects net profit for 2015 to be 2.32 billion yuan to 2.52 billion yuan, an increase of 435%-481%. This profit surged, thanks to the flowering results of the new energy vehicle strategy, and orders for public transportation and special vehicles in Tang, electric buses and taxis increased.

It is worth noting that Dong Mingzhu is going to “open mouth” to BYD’s current sweetest electric bus field. Some analysts have revealed that a fuel-electric hybrid Tang single car gross profit of 50,000 yuan, a pure electric e6 gross profit of 100,000 yuan, a K9 electric bus gross profit of 1 million yuan, and said to appear in the military parade T8 Electric sweepers are more profitable.

Oh, no wonder industrial crocodile and capital crocodile are coming!

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