Huatai Lighting: Execution is the killer of the market to win

At the end of 2006, in order to welcome the New Year, Huatai Lighting's more than 1,300 specialty stores nationwide launched the “New Year's Eve” event, and the market in Jiangxi was even more impressive. According to Lei Puzhen, general manager of Huatai Lighting Jiangxi Logistics Center, there are more than 80 county-level markets in Jiangxi. Now Huatai Lighting has established more than 60 specialty stores and more than 20 image stores in all municipal markets except Jiangxi. In the second half of 2006, the sales of each month were tripled compared with the first half because of the firm and strong implementation of the company's policies and the maintenance of “promotional activities and community promotion every week”. In the new 2007, Rep said that he will increase the market development efforts, not only to help all the specialty stores to do a good job, but also to establish a number of specialty stores in Nanchang to improve the popularity of Huatai Lighting in Jiangxi With a reputation. In fact, Leipu was only fully cooperative with Huatai Lighting in March of the previous year. In just over a year, there were many reasons for achieving such great results.

Lei said that, first of all, Huatai lighting products are complete in variety and fashionable, and are the "magnet" that attracts the eyes of dealers and consumers. At the same time, Huatai lighting products have superior safety, environmental protection and high cost performance. The dealer and the consumer's heart tool. Second, Huatai Lighting Co., Ltd. strongly supports logistics providers (agents) and distributors. The company not only sent a group of market elites to help the merchants explore the city to guide the work and strengthen the after-sales service, but also gave great support in the distribution of materials and the cost of the construction of the store. At the same time, Huatai also cooperated with the guide merchants to carry out various forms. The promotion activities, and increase investment in advertising, closely cooperate with the business to develop and set up the market. Third, the logistics operators themselves have made their own efforts for the development and development of the company's market. Adhere to and support the correct decision-making of the factory, vigorously implement the various tasks of the factory, closely cooperate with the development plan and work arrangement of the factory, cooperate with the manufacturers sincerely, and work hand in hand to achieve a win-win result; try the following dealers Help and support, strengthen after-sales service. Frequently hold dealer meetings, strengthen communication and cooperation with dealers, solve problems together, and timely reflect the situation on the market to the company, in order to facilitate the policy formulation in the next stage of the plant.

At the end of the interview, Lei always smiled and said to the reporter: "Huatai Lighting's goal is to build the first brand of home lighting, and our logistics companies also have such ambition and ambition, as long as all our dealers, logistics companies and companies Closely united and proactive, I believe that this day will be getting closer and closer.

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