What should I do if the phone is hot? Apple's new cooling patent can solve

According to Apple's latest patent, the iPhone can automatically activate or deactivate the phone, depending on the temperature of the phone itself and the way they are used.

What should I do if the phone is hot? Apple's new cooling patent can solve

After a long time of use (especially playing games or watching videos), many mobile phones will become "full body" and even hot. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will become hot, and some Apple iPhone 6S users have complained that they The Touch ID Home button on your phone is very hot.

However, according to Apple's latest patent, the iPhone can automatically activate or deactivate the phone, depending on the temperature of the phone itself and the way they are used.

Apple's patent was filed in January 2013. Although this idea was not the first time we saw it, it was very interesting to show us how Apple controls the operation and feel of mobile phones, as well as ordinary software and Hardware features.

According to the patent description, Apple will also add a temperature sensor to the iPhone that can be used to continuously compare the iPhone's current temperature and maximum temperature limits. If the maximum temperature limit is reached, the iPhone can limit the use of the phone's power and slow down the phone's temperature.

The patent also mentions that when the system cools the phone, it does not prevent the user from using the iPhone properly. If the user wants to make an iPhone call or send a text message, the power usage limit will be adjusted until the user runs out of the phone. However, as long as the phone is hot, the system will try to turn off the phone function as much as possible. Looking at it now, it's a bit like Apple's latest power-saving model.

It is unclear whether this patent will be applied to the iPhone. However, there is internal news that the new iPhone will have a built-in thermometer system that can be used to control the functions on the phone.

Full Spectrum Led Grow Light For Greenhouse/Hydroponics/Plants Growing

What is Full spectrum led chip ?

It is the newest trend for LED Horticulture Lighting. Advanced  Led Grow Lights  chip, not provide sigle color,provide broad spectrum 400nm~840nm ,simialr with sun light ,but most is red and blue ,it is best for Led Horticulture Grow Lights.This is a revolutionary step for  LED Grow Lights  which have previously been unable to act as the sole light source for the indoor garden.Suitable for all stages of plant growth.

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The plant needs light to thrive cause the light is essental for photosynthesis.without it,plants can not make food.but light can also be too intense,too hot or last too long for growing healthy plants.plant growth accelerates with abundant light because more of the plant`s leaves have exposure,which means more photosynthesis.in the winter,days are not long enough,but many plants still need 12 hours or more of light per day.now,adding led grow lights to your greenhouse is an nice choice if you live in the north, and can not get enough daylight in winter.you might be take HID into consideration,cause it has high output and cover a wide area.but now,we providing you some dfferent.the newest type of grow lights use LED technology.

Provides Maximum Light Density and optimizing spectrum(410nm-740nm,white)
As we know that the plants need more light from the blue side of the spectrum during their seedling stage and when developing foliage and require light from the orange to red side of the spectrum while inblooming and fruiting phases. We adopting lastest intergrated COB technology, white , more red and blue PAR(410-740nm) per Watt than any other lighting fixture  for the best color uniformity.

Dual Veg and Bloom for plant growth and bloom
The Led grow lights feature selectable VEG and BLOOM light spectrums to deliver maximum performance from seeding through the flower stage and finally harvest.

Increase yields and potency
Using high quality lense that hyper-focus the lights on your canopy.the photons are beamed directly to the plants.this gives growers the ability to get greatest possible crop yield.

Reduce your costs with energy efficiency
Energy-efficient cannabis grow lights cost between 40%-60% less to operate compared to HID lam year
Led Grow Light also eliminate the needs for ballasts and reflectors while they minimize the cooling systems,accelerating your payback.you will see the electrical bills trimmed by approximately half,year after year.

Installs and operates simply
the input voltage is AC100V-240V,fit for the world standard,built-in power supply.do not need other equipment,just access to the Plug,the lamp will be work smoothly. The Led Grow Lighting is small size,just few inches and easy to install.it is the good option for some greenhouse.

Long lifespan
Using built-in quiet fans and the shutter in the wind,induced draftfrom all sides.runs with quiet. Useadvanced isolation power supply and soft start protection technology, to prevent the high voltage when turn on the light from damagingthe lamp body.

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