Smart camera: Which is better for cloud storage and local storage?

If you are worried about being stolen at home, the wireless security camera is clearly a new solution. They can always access the WIFI network, with motion monitoring, night vision and even facial recognition. It is very convenient to send notifications to your mobile phone in the first time when suspicious situations occur.

Smart camera: Which is better for cloud storage and local storage?

At present, the home security camera mainly uses two data storage mechanisms, one is to store the surveillance video in local storage, and the other is cloud space. So which one is the best choice? Depending on your needs, let's take a look at it below.

Local storage

Smart camera: Which is better for cloud storage and local storage?

Many mainstream security cameras support local storage. Basically, micro SD cards such as Samsung SmartCam HD and D-Link DCS-2630L are supported, and the maximum 128GB capacity expansion is supported. In the mobile app, users can set their storage mechanism, such as 24 hours of continuous recording or detecting the situation can be recorded. If you choose to record 24 hours a day, when the memory card is used up, you need to choose to overwrite the previous content or stop recording.

The advantage of local storage is that you don't have to worry about vendors' cloud storage vulnerabilities, privacy video leaks, and no monthly service fees.

Cloud storage

The security cameras such as Nest Cam, Kodak CFH-V20, and Netgear Arlo Q use cloud storage mechanism, which means users need to pay a certain service fee. The general price is about 10 dollars per month (about 65 yuan). Cloud storage can be more easily applied to the uninterrupted monitoring mode, without worrying about insufficient SD card storage or some key content being overwritten. Of course, cloud storage is risky. After all, hackers are omnipotent, and Internet user data leaks are commonplace.

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