Lanfei Optics provides a 2 meter diameter integrating sphere system for the Aurora Illumination Light Measurement Laboratory

[High-tech LED News] Labsphere (Lanfei Optics) offers custom-made two meters to the newly established optical measurement laboratory of lighting manufacturer Aurora Lighting through its UK exclusive distributor Pro-Lite Technology Co., Ltd. Diameter integrating sphere system.

The system meets Aurora Lighting's product specifications and provides more accurate illumination output, color temperature, color rendering index, chromaticity and pixel mixing accuracy than traditional spectrometers.

Aurora Lighting installed the Bluefield Optics test system at its cutting-edge ALEX 2.0 light measurement laboratory in Apex Park, Welwyn Garden City, UK. The feature of the facility is that visitors can experience the difference in light sources such as halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps, especially including the difference in color temperature.

About Paper Covered Flat Aluminium Wire

Paper wrapped  winding wire is made up of bare from oxygen free Copper Rod or electrical aluminum rod by drawing or extruding processing and wrapped by insulation materials.paper covered single wire , with insulation wrapping in the outside layer 

As per Conductor Material:Copper , aluminum 
As per Inner Conductor: Paper wrapped bare  

Insulation thickness:Double paper covered (DPC) orTriple Paper Covered (TPC) ,According to Customer`s requirements  

Packaging DetailsInner packing : Wooden bobbin 
Outer packing : Wooden pallet and stretch film 
Or according to our custormers' requirements

Paper Covered Flat Aluminium Wire

Production Scope

Conductor of Paper wrapped  wire 
Bare Wire    Round Wire
Φ1.00 mm-Φ5.00 mm
Rectangular Wire thickness  a
1.00 mm-5.60 mm
                                    Width b
2.00 mm-16.00 mm
Conductor of Composite wires 
Max wrapping layers once: 24 layers for Paper Covered Wire
                                         4 layers per wire and 16 layers outside for composite wires
We could offer products of special requirements on conductor size, insulation layer thickness, or wire number of the composite.


Paper Covered Flat Aluminium Wire

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