Japan plans to build a modern LED farm in the "311" agricultural disaster area

The Japanese government recently said that it is planning to carry out an experimental plan to build a future farm in the disaster-stricken area where the tsunami was inundated in March 2011. The unmanned tractor will cultivate the field and replace the insecticide with LED light source to make the crops grow harmlessly. Packed by robots.

Miyagi Prefecture, which is located about 300 kilometers north of Tokyo, was flooded by seawater on March 11 last year and became the site of the so-called Dream Project. The carbon dioxide produced by mechanical farming on this 250-hectare field will be returned to the crop for absorption to stimulate crop growth and reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers. According to relevant sources, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will conduct a field study later in 2012, which is expected to cost about 4 billion yen (about 52 million US dollars) in the next six years.

Japanese media reported that the tsunami last year seriously polluted the land in the disaster area, making the field full of salt and silt. The tsunami and strong earthquakes were damaged by the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which damaged about 24,000 hectares of fertile agricultural land in Japan.


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