Investors claim nearly 10 million for Foshan Lighting

Investors claim nearly 10 million for Foshan Lighting There are currently more recent developments in Foshan Lighting's aftermath in the aftermath of surging fines or thousands of yuan in compensation claims. 11 investors have submitted a lawsuit to the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court of Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Intermediate Court”) on April 7. Materials, the hospital has confirmed the acceptance, which means that investors collectively litigation claims of Foshan Lighting officially opened.

Since the investor rights claim incident, Foshan Lighting has remained silent on this matter and has not issued any announcement. On the 8th, the company's executive secret secretary Zhou Xiangfeng said in an email replying to the reporter’s interview letter: “As of now, the company has not yet received a subpoena from the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court. Prior to this, the company conducted a report on the claims of media reports to the supervisory agency of the listed company. Written explanation shows that if the company receives a court subpoena, it will announce it in a timely manner, and the company has no information that should be disclosed but not disclosed.”

On March 7, 2013, Foshan Lighting announced that it received the administrative punishment decision issued by the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau on March 6th. The relevant parties who violated the law, including the company’s own timely chairman Zhong Xincai The six senior executives within the company imposed administrative penalties. Its violations and irregularities include many issues that Foshan Lighting did not disclose according to law or truthfully and timely in the two years from 2010 to 2011. This directly became the trigger for the market's vast number of investors suing Foshan Lighting and demanding compensation.

According to Wang Zhibin, a lawyer of Shanghai Jiesai Law Firm, which first convened an investor’s rights protection on March 9th, told this reporter that there are now more than 700 investors who have registered and participated in rights protection in other provinces, cities and autonomous regions except Tibet. A large number of investors participated in the rights protection. After fierce preparations, the first batch of prosecution investors with complete materials has exceeded 50 people. The total claim amount exceeds 15 million yuan, and the rest of the investors are preparing materials according to schedule.

“On April 7, I filed 11 lawsuits for rights defending investors in the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, with a total claim amount of nearly 10 million and a maximum single claim of more than 8 million. These 11 investors came from all over the country and there was no obvious The geographical characteristics of the Guangdong Province are relatively small, and the amount is relatively large. From that day onwards, we will continue to submit litigation materials to the court.” Wang Zhibin said, “In fact, the individual investors I just handed in The loss of 8 million is still not the biggest in my hand. There is also a stockholder who exceeds 10 million. Procedures are being processed."

According to Wang Zhibin, regarding the 11 materials that had been submitted on that day, the court had confirmed the acceptance and issued the “Notice of Advance Payment of Legal Fees,” which means that as long as investors pay the legal fees, the case will undoubtedly enter the substantive trial stage. .

The reporter got a copy of the “pre-paid notice of litigation fee” of Xu Xing’s suit as the plaintiff’s litigation yesterday. According to her, she is also the investor with the above single claim amount of more than 8 million. The notice indicated that the plaintiff's suitor’s prepayment fee was 71,844 yuan, which must be paid within seven days of the date of receipt of the notice. If the overdue payment is due, it will be automatically dismissed.

For Foshan Lighting has not received a subpoena in the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court, Wang Zhibin said this is normal. "The court will send Foshan City Lighting a Notice of Respond and a Notice of Evidence within five days after it is confirmed to be accepted. The former includes a copy of the indictment and relevant evidential materials. The latter will state that Foshan Lighting shall have at least one month's proof. During the period, relevant evidence collected by Foshan Lighting shall be sent to the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court within the specified time. After all procedures have been completed, the Guangzhou Intermediate Court will issue a so-called subpoena for Foshan Lighting to notify the time and place of the formal hearing.”

It is understood that the above-mentioned 11-person legal fees vary according to the total amount of the claim. Except for the single claim exceeding 8 million yuan, the claim amount is 1 million yuan, and the litigation fee is 10,000 yuan. Claim 50 The court fee of RMB 10,000 is RMB 8,800, the court fee for claiming RMB 50,000 is RMB 1,000, and the claim amount is RMB 10,000. The court fee is RMB 50. According to Wang Zhibin, the claims of 11 investors in this batch of claims were mostly between 50,000 and 100,000 yuan.

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