Sensor installation considerations

One: Introduction to the sensor

The national standard GB7665-87 defines the sensor as: "A device or device that can feel the specified measured signal and can be used as a signal according to a certain rule, usually composed of sensitive elements and conversion elements." The sensor is a detection device, which can sense the measured information, and can convert the detected information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to a certain law to meet the transmission, processing, storage, Requirements for display, recording and control. It is the first link to realize automatic detection and automatic control.

Two: Precautions for the use and installation of the sensor

Temperature Sensor

1. The grounding of the sensor should be reliable, and the wire connection of the sensor must not be short-circuited.

2. The thermistor of the dynamic magnetic water temperature sensor will decrease with the temperature rise.

Fuel sensor

1. The movement of the float in the fuel tank should be flexible, otherwise the indication will be inaccurate due to the interference of the float and the fuel tank partition.

2. The oil sensor ground should be reliable.

3. The resistance of the variable resistance sensor of the dynamic magnetic oil gauge will increase as the oil level inside the fuel tank increases.

Speed ​​sensor

1. Make sure that the gap between the bottom of the sensor and the top of the engine tooth is 0.8 to 1.0mm, otherwise the indication will be misaligned. The correct installation method is to screw the sensor to the end, that is, the bottom of the sensor touches the top of the engine's flying teeth, and then rotate it two-thirds counterclockwise, and then tighten it with the back nut.

2. The speed sensor output induced voltage Urms> 1.0V at idle speed.

Pressure Sensor

1. The variable resistance value of the moving magnetic pressure gauge increases with the pressure.

2. When installing the pressure sensor, do not screw the housing directly.

3. If the sensor has an alarm, the sensor line and the alarm line must not be reversed.

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