Kai Bor F4 ╱ F9 KIUI7.0_2.1.6 official official version

Kai Bor F4 ╱ F9 KIUI7.0_2.1.6 Official official version update list
1. Fixed some problems such as occasional restart of KIUI7 2. Fixed an issue where the USB device was inserted and removed, resulting in a loss of local disk 3. Optimizing the decoding speed of the live stream, not cutting the screen black, etc. 4. Correcting some problems of the avcc decoder and improving decoding compatibility 5 Correct the smoothing window, improve the audio and video timestamp mutation, the audio and video are not synchronized 6. Correct the E-AC-3 slow audio decoding problem 7. Correct the div3 decoder initialization height and height misalignment cause the screen problem 8. Update the HEVC decoding library 9. Fixed 6~9/s frame, video jitter problem

KIUI7.0_2.1.6 official version download:

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