From the user's point of view, Sunray introduced the Season IPTV service

I would like to ask if Sunray Season IPTV is the most popular IPTV service. Although the trial of Sunray Season IPTV soon, but its strong applicability won the majority of consumers. Season IPTV is easy to use and rich in program content. The most important thing is that it starts from the perspective of the majority of users and goes to the market with the quality of civilians and aristocrats, and caters to the tastes of the public. For different users' audiovisual needs, its answer is always YES.

Few people watch HD, and they will look back at SD. People's pursuit of audiovisual quality will never end. With good picture quality, abundant programs, simple operation, and low price, VW's requirements for next-generation IPTV seem simple, but it is not easy to achieve. And Season IPTV is a IPTV viewing software that meets the public taste. It uses Android system and is suitable for Android STB above 4.0. The software has built-in live broadcast, look back, webpage, application, and information services to facilitate users' real-time operation.
Sunray Season IPTV program list at a glance:

Judging from the picture quality, more than one hundred programs can basically achieve the effect of 720P, the program plays smoothly, the buffering time is short, and there will be no Caton. 4M bandwidth, high-definition programs can also achieve clear and smooth playback. Season IPTV's perfect picture quality can easily bring high-definition screens to the user's pleasure.

Rich programs. Season IPTV currently offers more than 100 programs, and the server will be added to more than 200 programs in succession. All kinds of current affairs, movies, and variety entertainment channels at home and abroad can meet various viewing needs of users. Season IPTV allows you to stay awake and know the world.

Season IPTV is not a machine but an application. Its operation is simple, as long as the installation can achieve viewing. It is suitable for Android system, and it can achieve good compatibility for Android STB above 4.0. The simple operation interface makes people at a glance.

The current price of Season IPTV is 360 yuan/year, which is basically equal to 1 yuan/day. Superior quality, low price, compared to similar products on the market, it can be said that the highest value for money.
Sunray launches Season IPTV service from the user's point of view to meet the needs of users for IPTV viewing. If you are an early adopter, you may wish to try it out.

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