Skyworth smart TV with a bit of card? Application transfer resolution

After the smart TV has been running for a long time, the TV will appear to be stuck. This actually indicates that your system has insufficient memory.

Some Skyworth Smart TVs and CoolTV Smart TVs can divide a portion of memory into a virtual SD card space. You can transfer the TV application to a virtual SD card to free up space for system memory and solve the problem of TV operation.

How to tell if your TV has a virtual SD card? Turn on the TV and check whether there is an application transfer function in [Application Circle] - [Administration] - [More Functions]. If there is a virtual SD card for your TV, if not, your TV is not available.

Example using TV: Skyworth E6000

Sample TV System: 4.4

Specific steps:

The first step: open the homepage, enter [cool open application circle];

Step 2: Select [Manage] - [More Features] - [Application Transfer]; (if there is no application transfer, then your TV does not have this feature)

The third step: At this point you can see the TV pop up this prompt, select [transfer application to the SD card]; everyone can pay attention to the memory size of the SD card and the machine before the transfer;

Step 4: After entering you can see a lot of applications installed in the smart TV, these applications are installed in the TV itself. Select the application to transfer.

After selecting it, select [Transfer Apply to SD Card] in the upper right corner.

The application size of the transfer is different, and the time spent is different, so be patient.

After the transfer is successful, you can see that there are no previous applications in the machine.

Step 5: Compare the previous memory with the current memory. Is the TV's local memory bigger?

It is very simple to implement application transfer on smart TVs, but one thing we need to pay attention to.

1. When your TV has the [Application Transfer] feature, your TV memory is divided into virtual SD card memory and system memory. Transferring the application to a virtual SD card can save system memory and make the TV operate more smoothly.

2, [application transfer] can save system memory, but it can not fundamentally solve the problem of memory shortage, so the most fundamental solution is external extended memory.

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