"The King of Chaos TV Version" Review: Return to Blood

Return to the Blood Age "The King of Chaos TV" takes you to experience different fighting rivers and lakes

When it comes to fighting games, almost everyone will think of KOF and "Street Fighter" at the first time. Indeed, these games are filled with the first impression of "violence aesthetics", which is in line with a large part of the players' "esthetic" demand for games. With the development of the Internet age, fighting games in the traditional sense have also begun to gradually transform, which makes this year's game like DNF fighting + action adventure type become the new favorite of the mass players.

It must be said that the popularity of Internet smart TVs has given new types of games to the general public. Although fighting games have already appeared on TV screens, single gameplay and simple operations have always affected the player’s experience. As a leader in smart TVs and large-screen games, LeTV recently launched a DNF-style fighting game, "The King of Wars TV Series".

According to the depth adaptation of TV screens, TV version of "Unholy King" combines KOF, "Street Fighter" and DNF's rich gameplay, blood combat + adventure mode and unique 3V3 gang warfare system. Under the operation of the pole, can the brand-new TV screen evoke the bloody impulse in the original arcade hall?

Similar but not following it, it tells stories more than DNF

In fact, the fighting game network has already been reflected in the DNF era. In today's "Street Fighter 5", the online game has become the main game. The over-networking development has also caused the game's imbalance. The lack of attention, and lack of blood fighting, etc., more or less affect the player's feelings.

On the other hand, the TV version of "The King of War" had a new way. Although the character style and professional setting of the dizzy style are very similar to DNF, but after discarding the obvious characteristics of the DNF, it was from the very beginning. There is a clear distinction between character modeling and personality.

In fact, in addition to the DNF style, other places have similar places, but they have already changed significantly. If you are a player playing DNF, light can be seen from the battle mode. The difference is that it is compared with traditional fighting games.

Similar to most of the action video games, "The King of War" has a good story throughout the entire game, this is DNF can not be compared, at least, when playing DNF, no one will notice What kind of story did this game tell? However, the background of this game and the shape of the NPC made many players feel warm.

More than DNF, you can brush more than "Street Fighter"

Although the game was created by the pre-Street Fighter producer, KOF's former director of planning, and DNF's former development director, the entire game is not as personal micro-manipulation as the traditional fighting game. The operation is more in line with the player's taste and reduces the public. It is difficult for players to get started.

Although the game tends to favor the DNF style, the content of the game and the fighting style are more like the "Fighting the Lakes," especially in the single story mode. This kind of cognition is more obvious, but in the way of fighting, it has abandoned some of them. The operation of the brain, after all, the one-click battle is not attractive to players at this stage.

Among them, KOF's model is meticulously embodied in this, unlike the low-intellective game where individual heroism is rampant. Manipulating three people greatly increases the overall difficulty. Even if KOF is still used in a rotating manner, star rating is judged. The number of combos is definitely a big test. Although there is no manifestation in the early stage, when you step into the high-end field, you will find that the original fighting game is so difficult to hit a combo, how to switch heroes in the battle to play one Perfect COMBO, to tell the truth, in fact, very test the level of players.

Of course, according to the plot and resources to unlock the hero, melee, long-range, control, dizziness, summon, and assist, each hero has a unique blow game, and the match between heroes can bring numerous kinds of skills to fight. Choosing the right hero to play in the face of different bosses chooses a better match and combination, which is more attractive than the battle itself.

At the same time, after experiencing numerous tests on escort, tower defense, and duel, you discovered that the original fighting game was not only hand-dependent, and it was difficult to recharge the game without recharging the IQ.

However, this game will be positioned itself to fight, if only this pattern of brush map, then "The King of Chaos TV" can not be counted as fighting, after all, like "Street Fighter 5" the same game with the players In order to have a bloodthirsty impulse, in fact, relative to this game, the emergence of arena actually attracts players to participate, after all, DNF had also typed this PVP model, if still copied, players will certainly not buy it.

However, do you think that the TV version of the King of Wars is as simple as PVP? The arena here is a little too violent. The two sides can send more than one hero to play at the same time. They fight in 3V3 at the same time. When any hero is killed, the hero of the other victory will participate in the battle of the other two and can instantly form 3 pairs. The situation of the 2nd, even if it is a veteran, can't stand such a savage and bloody group greet.

Strength and technology are the last resort but they also need some equipment assistance

Fighting game online game can be regarded as a challenge to the traditional fighting series, which also caused the integration of many elements.

In the TV version of “The King of Chaos,” even if the martial arts is even higher, they are afraid of the emergence of kitchen knives and equipment. They also make up for those who have no technical strength to make up for the technical regret, strengthen, forge, and upgrade. Like old-fashioned ideas, but for the players is really a steady upgrade method, in their eyes only need to maintain a steady pace, we can step by step to create a super-level pinnacle equipment.

Of course, the game's exclusive Dragon Ball system, as well as the subsequent gems, are the means to challenge the "royal power" for ordinary players.

According to the understanding of electric science and technology, in order to allow the majority of players to fully enjoy the fun of fighting games, "The King of Chaos" has prepared eight-fold benefits for players. After the service is opened, players can sign up for free and get rich game packages for free. At the same time, there are also the first charge rebates, cumulative recharge exclusive VIP, monthly rewards ten times rebate day and a day, and other unlimited activities waiting for players to open.

Fighting still need rocker classic still does not extinguish

Let's take it as a fighting game to create exclusive rocker peripherals, and it truly highlights the passion of players. Players who experienced the arcade era understand that, in order to successfully release a skill, the kind of experience that stays up late for the game, in addition to the blood, is still missed. . For fighting games, the rocker is still the king's choice for fighting games.

Let's regard this rocker peripheral designed specifically for fighting games, not to mention whether the fluency of the button has reached a satisfactory level. Simply placing things there will be enough to awaken the memories of the player's passing away. If the handle and the rocker are placed on top of each other at the same time, most people will certainly not hesitate to be attracted by the rocker.

On the whole, after more than ten years of development, fighting games have changed from the original "Street Fighter" to the "Street Fighter 5" now. In addition to the more refined images and more brilliant moves, they have not changed much in the skeleton. . However, the needs of players are changeable. The era of networking has also brought new ways for fighting games.

As an emerging platform of smart TV, the host computer continues to express its superiority in expressiveness. At the same time, with the networked fighting game, immersiveness has significantly improved a big step. The TV version of "The King of Chaos" just caught the good time. , In the game style and fighting methods are hit players pain points.

If you say that "Street Fighter 5" achieves the same game between the host and the PC player, then "The King of Chaos TV" is the vanguard of the wave of smart TV fighting and has long been tired of playing casual games on TV. For players, the rocker arcade big screen will surely take you back to that passionate era.

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