British LED street lamp has obvious benefits

Recently, the Market Overton Village Committee in Rutland County, United Kingdom, issued a report on the installation of LED street lights in the area. The report shows the comparison of the energy saving status of previous use of sodium lamps.

The report said that through the application of LED energy-saving street lamps, the monthly average energy cost has been reduced from 80 pounds to 15 pounds, while maintenance costs are expected to decrease to approximately 90% of the previous year.

It is understood that the project is expected to cost 20,000 pounds for the installation. 80% of street lights in the village have been equipped with a time switch. This switch can automatically turn off the street lights from midnight to 5.30 in the night.

At present, the remarkable energy-saving effect of this new type of street light system has caused extensive attention from other surrounding villages.

At present, various LED manufacturers including Delta Electronics, Datong Group, Jade Crystal, Jingdian, Lite-On Technology, and Everlight Electronics have entered the cross-strait LED streetlamp market, rushing into the standard project, and LED professional manufacturers also rely on For many years in the United States LED aerospace thermal patent technology, attack the LED street lamp market.

Taihan Technology is the first manufacturer in Taiwan to research and develop LED lighting applications based on aerospace technology. Now it has successfully developed and qualified with aerospace LED lighting products, has LED cooling technology with Aerospace exclusive use, and develops and manufactures public lighting. Live lighting, yacht lighting, industrial lighting, surveillance lighting and aerospace lighting products.

The relevant personage of this company introduces, Hangtai LED heat dissipation belongs to the higher order and precise heat dissipation method, can solve the high power LED heat dissipation problem on the current market. At the same time, the unique LED assembly process technology, LED defect rate far below the market requirements, the current production of LED indoor and outdoor lighting has been successfully lit in Europe, Australia and North America, the major public commercial lighting In the future, we will actively deploy the Taiwan market, and will promote high-quality LED street lighting and indoor and outdoor lighting to the domestic.

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