Dehao Runda will deploy 260 MOCVDs in two phases, or the third largest in the world.

260 MOCVD layouts

      According to DHL Runda insiders revealed to Gaogong LED yesterday, Dehao Runda will deploy 260 MOCVD in the future, and the scale of the machine will be second only to Taiwan Jingyuan and South Korea Samsung. In 2010, Dehao Runda has ordered 100 sets and 30 MOCVDs respectively, which are distributed in the four bases of Dehao Runda Wuhu, Yangzhou, Dalian and Zhuhai.

      The Wuhu base of Dehao Runda began to be put into production in January 2011. At the same time, the production capacity is continuously expanding and expanding, and two bases in Yangzhou and Dalian are under construction. The first phase of the foundation construction of the Wuhu base has been completed, and some MOCVD is already in the commissioning phase. It is expected to be officially opened at the end of January.

      Dehao Runda operates multi-brand operations in the global lighting market, including its current “ETI”, “ACA” and continuously acquired brands.

      Layout the world's most complete LED industry chain

      It is understood that Dehao Runda currently has three major industries, LED, small household appliances and new energy industry. The LED industry is currently concentrated in epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturing, backlight module, packaging, lighting, LED lighting power supply, display field. And is considering extending to the upper reaches. Strive to build a world-renowned LED brand.

Product application:
â– Products for commercial,household,lighting
Product features:
â– Good contact
--The contact point composite silver layer is designed to reduce
the contact resistance and reduce the temperature rise.
â– Ultra high strength,impact resistance and thermal stability
--The upper cover is made of high quality polycarbonate and the
bottom shell is made of PA6
â– Chemical corrosion resistance
-- Fingerprint-resistant zinc plated mounting brackets
â– Grounding
--One-piece grounding design

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