The development of LED lighting industry needs not to follow suit

In 2010, China's semiconductor lighting industry experienced ups and downs. The joy of both the company's listing and the overheating of investment, facing the opportunity of the lighting market to start, will also face the unpredictable storm in the future. What achievements have China's semiconductor lighting industry achieved in 2010, and what are the shortcomings? How can it be avoided or solved? Gan Zikai, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at the School of Physics of Peking University, said in an interview with a reporter from Semiconductor Lighting magazine The term "to describe the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry in 2010 is still relatively appropriate." On the one hand, China's semiconductor lighting industry has shown good development prospects. Through the efforts of practitioners in the whole industry, China has developed unit technology with independent intellectual property rights in LED epitaxial materials, chip manufacturing, device packaging, phosphors, etc. It has formed a relatively complete R&D and industrial system from upstream materials, midstream chip preparation, downstream device packaging and integrated applications, which has laid a foundation for the LED industry in China to become bigger and stronger.

However, the "Red Fire" step forward is overheating, and one of the most concentrated problems in China's semiconductor lighting industry this year is that investment is overheated. Under the guidance of national energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of strategic emerging industrial policies, many local governments have shown strong investment impulses in order to promote the local economy. For example, many local governments have introduced a high subsidy policy for purchasing MOCVD, which directly boosted the investment boom of this round of LEDs. According to statistics, in 2009, China's MOCVD was 135 units, and by the end of 2010, there will be about 300 MOCVD installations, which has more than doubled.

When talking about how to avoid the risk of overheating, Professor Gan Zikai believes that: First, led aluminum substrates, strategic emerging industries, including semiconductor lighting, will inevitably require government support in the process of growth, so the government is making decisions and launching encouragement. In the case of sexual policies, we should remain calm and consider it comprehensively. We must not be in a big ups and downs in the market. When we are overheated and overheated, we should follow the trend and ensure that the investment is reasonable and orderly, so as to avoid blooming everywhere. At the same time, we must do a good job in market supervision to ensure the quality of our products, and avoid the image of semiconductor lighting technology in the hearts of consumers due to low-quality products and excessive publicity in the early stage of industrial development. In addition, the government should also overcome the psychology of quick success and instant benefit in promoting the development of science and technology, and adhere to the attitude of long-term continuous investment. Because a scientific creation often requires a long planning period and accumulation time, and even contains many uncertain factors, it needs to have appropriate opportunities to show its intrinsic value.

Secondly, when developing the semiconductor lighting industry, China should uphold the attitude of supporting and strengthening and strengthening a large number of large-scale national leading enterprises like Philips and GE. In this process, the government can use financial subsidies or demonstration projects to promote industrial development, promote technology integration and industrial restructuring, promote industrial agglomeration and leading manufacturing, form a group of leading brand enterprises, and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry.

Third, China's semiconductor lighting companies should attach importance to technological innovation, select breakthroughs, and make breakthroughs in order to close the distance with international advanced standards as soon as possible, and catch up in some areas. The development of new technologies and products cannot be satisfied only with low levels of repetition and production of low-level products.

Fourth, do a good job in the construction of innovative talents and innovative teams for semiconductor lighting, and do a good job in talent reserve. Carry out a variety of personnel training to enhance the overall quality and innovation ability of employees.

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