Case Study: Central Radio and Television Tower Reproduces Lanterns

First, the overall introduction of the project:

1, using the kind of lamp:
(A) LED full color soft light tube;
(B) full color LED dot lamps;
(C) high power LED color changing projector;
(D) High power stage projection lamp;
(E) aerial rose;
(F) traditional floodlighting fixtures;

2. Design goals:
(A) Centralized control of all color-changing lamps, overall color synchronization and gradual, highlighting the "lantern" shape of the building;
(B) The position of the lantern body, through the computer to control the full-color LED soft light tube, can realize the change of any graphic such as the Olympic Fuwa;
(C) to achieve centralized control of all luminaires, coordinate the performance of various scene changes;
(D) Cooperate with the Olympics process to release the latest Olympic information in real time;


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