Josie expressed his opinion on high-end cable

Josie expressed his opinion on high-end cable Recently, Josie Armstrong, enterprise manager of the cable department of Intertek Research Consultants, gave a keynote speech on the high-end cable market in Asia at the High-end Cable and Cable Summit in Asia.

At the meeting, Joshi stressed that the type of demand in China's wire and cable market has changed. Due to changes in China's economic indicators, accelerated urbanization, increased supply chain and increased security and environmental awareness, the demand for high-end cable products and special cables in the Chinese market is constantly increasing. Therefore, Chinese wire and cable manufacturers need to change their production structure and strive to become leaders in the high-end cable market.

Joshi mainly analyzes the changes, conditions, opportunities, and future trends of China's wire and cable market from four aspects of politics, economy, society, and region.

Josie pointed out that China's wire and cable manufacturers are facing excess capacity, especially the problem of overcapacity in the low-end cable market. In 2012, China's annual output of insulated wire and cable reached 8 million metric tons, while the market consumption was less than 7 million metric tons. Due to the increase in the cost of wire and cable raw materials and the fierce competition, Chinese wire and cable manufacturers are also facing downward pressure on profits.

Josie said that in the face of many problems, opening up new markets is one of the favorable ways for Chinese wire and cable companies to get out of trouble. Through analysis, existing products are sold in new markets and new products are sold in existing markets - both of these methods can effectively reduce market risks.

In the end, Josie put forward strategic proposals for China's wire and cable companies and analyzed the future development trend of China's wire and cable industry.

It is reported that this summit was sponsored by the industry's most authoritative industry research and market consulting agencies in Europe and North America, and Intertek Research & Consulting, London, UK. The conference brought together hundreds of authoritative experts, chief engineers, chairman, and general manager from China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and other major cable countries in Asia to in-depth analyze the current development situation and trends of the wire and cable industry in Asia, learn from and learn from the world leaders. Industrial layout and management model of high-end special cable companies.

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