Shanghai's first LED "plant factory" settled in Sun Bridge during the year

With soilless cultivation techniques, plants can be grown under the illumination of LED lights. Shanghai Sunqiao Modern Agricultural Development Zone recently confirmed that the development zone will introduce the most advanced “plant factory” from the Netherlands this year. The “plant factory” of the pilot construction will have a total area of ​​5,000 square meters. It will use LED light for photosynthesis and adopt “natural enemies” biological control technology to prevent pests. The completed “plant factory” is mainly used to produce vegetables and flowers. It is reported that this is the first real "plant factory" in Shanghai.
Sunqiao "plant factory" opened during the year
Sunqiao's “plant factory” uses LED light to illuminate plants to maximize photosynthesis. "The wavelength of LED lights can be adjusted to suit the growth needs of different plants, so that photosynthesis can achieve the best results." A staff member of Shanghai Sunqiao said that the "plant factory" also uses "natural enemies" biological control technology to prevent pests. With "natural enemies", you can "eat" many harmful organisms to achieve the purpose of pest control. This is widely used in agricultural developed countries such as the Netherlands and France, which can prevent plant pollution and allow the public to eat real pollution-free vegetables.
According to reports, the energy part of the Sunqiao “plant factory” plant comes from solar energy and is controlled by a ground source heat pump. "Using solar energy and other energy sources can save energy and achieve environmental protection, energy conservation and green." The staff also revealed that the Sunqiao "plant factory" construction project is currently undergoing further planning and demonstration.
Food safety issues spawn "plant factories"
The “plant factory” is characterized by high yield, controllability and little impact on the climate. Due to the intelligent control of the computer system, the standardization and commercialization of the product are realized, and the added value is high. Its production period is stable and the market prospect is broad. In recent years, chemical residues of agricultural products and frequently exposed food safety issues have heightened concerns about food hygiene. Shanghai Sunqiao Modern Agricultural Development Zone believes that Shanghai, as an international metropolis, pays attention to the quality of life and is willing to spend more money to buy reliable vegetables, so whether it is high-end community, family or catering, hotels are green and organic. There is a huge demand for fruits and vegetables. The unique purification production mode of “Plant Factory” determines the natural market recognition of related brand products.

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