Inverter air conditioner new standard will be backed by GMCC energy-saving technology

The new standard of inverter air conditioner will be backed by GMCC energy-saving technology In order to meet the needs of an energy-saving society, China has made energy conservation an important part of the 12th Five-Year Plan. According to the development plan of the air-conditioning industry, China's inverter air-conditioner will be 20% more energy-efficient than in 2010, and will increase again by 20% in 2020. It is understood that the "speed-controlled room air conditioner energy efficiency limit and energy efficiency rating" has completed the basic revision work, is awaiting approval, is expected to be officially released in the middle of next year.

Cheng Jianhong, researcher and head of the drafting working group of the China National Institute of Standardization, said that the new standards have changed in terms of energy efficiency levels, limit values, and evaluation indicators. The modified energy efficiency limit value of the inverter air conditioner will be increased from the current 3.0 to 3.9, and the market access threshold will also be upgraded from 5 to 3 levels.

In the old version of the variable-frequency energy efficiency standard, the energy efficiency evaluation indicators of single- and cold- and warm-air-conditioning are the same, and the newly revised standard introduces a new year-round energy consumption efficiency (APF) index for cooling and heating air-conditioners, which is suitable for the controllable speed. The air-conditioning energy-efficiency limit value of a room shall be determined by examining the minimum permissible value of APF during air-conditioning cooling and heating operation under specified operating conditions.

The improvement of air conditioning energy efficiency, compressor products play a vital role, and the new standard puts higher requirements on air-conditioning heating, so the compressor companies need to improve the heating performance of the compressor. The previous energy efficiency standards did not set clear requirements for heating, and most of the products that correspond to domestic sales of inverters lacked the ability to produce heat. Therefore, the new standard for variable frequency energy efficiency needs to be applied to the system of compressor products. Make some changes, such as changing the motor, increasing power, or changing the structure of the product.

Meizhi's variable-capacity variable-frequency compressors introduced in 2012 have unparalleled advantages in the energy efficiency of products and the heating capacity of inverter air conditioners. It is reported that this product adopts a two-cylinder structure. When the pressure on the back side of the sliding vane is controlled to be low pressure, the sliding vane and the piston are disengaged, so that one cylinder does not compress the gas, and only the other cylinder compresses the gas to form a capacity change. Frequency-conversion variable-capacity compressors can operate at lower frequencies, making the comfort of air conditioners better; also can effectively solve the problem of low frequency energy efficiency of inverter compressors and insufficient thermal capacity of variable-capacity compression mechanisms, and traditional compressors Compared to more energy efficient. In terms of heating, the GMCC variable-capacity variable-capacity compressor can start dual-cylinder operation at the same time, which can achieve the effect of rapid heating, and effectively improve the heating capacity.

Opportunities will always be reserved for those who are prepared, and the market will always favor leading companies. The new standard has changed in terms of energy efficiency rating, limit value, evaluation index, etc., and has put forward higher requirements for inverter air conditioners, and also put forward higher requirements for core component compressors, and improved the market access threshold. With a forward-looking vision, Meizhi has developed a highly efficient and energy-saving compressor technology, actively responding to new standards and new challenges, and helping air-conditioning products move toward a more efficient and energy-saving road.

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