Cool 6 network emulates HULU model to develop long video services

Cool 6 network emulates HULU model to develop long video services

According to the news on March 12, Ku6 officially announced the establishment of a new website-"Cool6 Theater" yesterday, which focuses on genuine long video services such as movies and TV series. Distinguish from the current direction of Cool 6's main video sharing. The new website is expected to be officially launched on March 31.

Li Shanyou, CEO of, told reporters that long video is a key business for future development of Ku6, but the two parts of long and short video will not be completely separated in the future, and is still in the large network of Ku6.

Li Shanyou said that the original Ku6 network will prefer to share in the future, and its model is similar to Youtube; long video borrows the business model of the American video site HuLu and aims to build a video portal.

Hulu was jointly established by NBC Universal and Fox Broadcasting Corporation in March 2007. In the United States, Hulu is already one of the most popular video sites, and users can watch high-quality online Full-length new and old TV series and movies. Previously, Baidu's independent online video company Baidu "Qiyi" also said it would position it as China's Hulu. The website is expected to be officially launched on April 1.

In response to the recent dispute between Ku6 and Youku, Li Shanyou publicly accused Youku CEO Gu Yongqiang of three questions in the interview: "When will Youku stop infringement of Ku6?" , "Can Youku give a timetable for the legalization?".

Yesterday, another video site also issued a statement that it will formally sue Ku6.

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