Huanlong Technology uses TranSwitch products to apply to high-definition high-speed U-HD1080S video signal converters

TranSwitch, a leading global supplier of semiconductor solutions for the rapidly growing consumer electronics and telecommunications markets, recently announced that Universal Microelectronics Co. (UMEC) has been used in its U-HD1080S video signal converter TXC-44144 HDplay ™ Transceiver Integrated Circuit from American Transit. High-definition high-speed U-HD1080S video signal converter is designed for a variety of devices, such as: personal computers, DVD players, set-top boxes and game consoles, etc., while being connected to digital TV products. U-HD1080S has three independent input ports, HDMI (R) 1.4a and DisplayPort support 3D video signal transmission with a maximum speed of 3.0 Gbps, 48 ​​bits per color depth, and a resolution exceeding 1080p up to 4K x 2K.

Paul Ou, Special Assistant to President of Huanlong Technology, said: "Hualong Technology is committed to providing first-class video signal converter products and providing users with seamless connections between Mini DisplayPort ™ / DisplayPort ™, HDMI and DVI® devices. We provide users with first-class video signal converters. In the process of satisfying users' requirements for high-quality, high-definition video and audio, the superior performance and functions of HDTV ™ products of American Chuanwei play a key role. "

Dr. Ali KhaTIbzadeh, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Business Communications, said: "We are very pleased that Huanlong Technology has chosen to use our products in the high-performance U-HD1080S video signal converter. Due to the use of different high-definition videos such as HDMI and DisplayPort The rapid development of the connected standard consumer electronics market has spawned the market's demand for solutions to interoperability problems. The innovative HDplay â„¢ transceiver integrated circuit introduced by American Chuanwei meets this demand in the market. HDplay â„¢ transceiver integrated circuit The HDMI and DisplayPort functions are integrated in a single product, providing the industry's highest performance and the most complete solution. This product is also the only product on the market that can achieve the 3.0 Gbps speed required by the next-generation 4K x 2K resolution TV .Huanlong Technology's selection of HDplay â„¢ is another important milestone in the growth path of US-based Chuanwei in the field of consumer video interconnection business. We look forward to continuously expanding our customer base and continuously choosing new customers during our development HDplay â„¢ series. "

TXC-44144 is a fully integrated solution that adopts the company's patented HDP (TM) technology. Without any conversion, it can support HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.1 devices on a single physical layer device and achieve seamless connection. . TXC-44144 supports all HDMI 1.4a solutions, including 4K x 2K large-screen high-definition television (HDTV), 3D TV, projector, and audio / video (AV) receiver.

The main characteristics of the HDplay transceiver integrated circuit TXC-44144 of American Transit:

• Industry-leading integration, saving space and simplifying design

One HDP v1.4a Rx port supporting HDMI & DisplayPort dual mode

Three HDMI v1.4a Rx ports, one of which provides a full Ethernet audio return channel (HEAC)

One HDMI v1.4a Tx port

Built-in EDID RAM

Programmable RJ-45 Ethernet output

SmartCEC â„¢ with dedicated MCU

• Provide superior performance of ultra-clear video and audio

HDMI v1.4a Rx with connection speed up to 3.0Gbps

Supports full 3D video and 4K x 2K resolution

PhastSwitch â„¢ for fast port conversion

AnyCable â„¢ that supports the use of inexpensive cables over long distances

Support 8-channel audio

Features of High-Speed ​​High-Speed ​​U-HD1080S Video Signal Converter of Huanlong Technology:

• HDMI vl.4a with connection speed up to 3.0Gbps

• Supports full 3D video and 4K x 2K resolution

• Color depth: 24, 30, 36 and 48 bits per color

• CEA-86l-E & VESADMT video clock

• Supports IEC60958 & IEC6l937 audio

• Support HDMI forwarding function

• Hardware HDCP 1.4 engine with key located in OTP ROM

• Built-in EDID RAM

• Enhanced power management mode

• Forward compatible with Thunderbolt ™ connector in DP mode

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