Design scheme of DC-6GHz digital attenuation based on HMC792LP4E

Design scheme of DC-6GHz digital attenuation based on HMC792LP4E

HMC792LP4E is a broadband 6-bit GaAs IC digital attenuator from HitTIte, which is packaged in a low-cost lead-free SMT package. This universal digital attenuator integrates off-chip AC ground capacitors to achieve near DC operation, making it suitable for various RF and IF applications.

The dual-mode control interface is compatible with CMOS / TTL and accepts a 3-wire serial input or a 6-bit parallel code. The HMC792LP4E also has a user-defined power-on state and an output port for serial HitTIte serial control components. The HMC792LP4E is available in a 4mm × 4mm QFN lead-free package that meets RoHS requirements. No external matching components are required.

HMC792LP4E main features

• 0.25dB LSB step to 15.75dB

• Power-on state selection

• High input IP3: + 55dBm

• Low insertion loss: 1.8dB at 2.0GHz

• Compatible with TTL / CMOS, serial, parallel or latch parallel control

• Typical value is ± 0.2dB step error

• Single + 3V or + 5V power supply

• 24-lead 4mm × 4mm SMT package

Figure 1 HMC792LP4E functional block diagram

Figure 2 HMC792LP4E application circuit

Table 1 Evaluation board PCB 118853 material list

Typical application of HMC792LP4E

• Cellular / 3G basic equipment

• WiBro / WiMAX / 4G

• Microwave radio and VSAT

• Test equipment and sensors

• IF and RF applications

Figure 3 PCB layout of HMC792LP4E evaluation board

For applications with frequencies below 700MHz, ACG capacitors C4, C5 and C6 are recommended. For applications with frequencies greater than 700MHz, the performance of the HMC792LP4E is similar whether or not ACG capacitors are used.

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