Shenzhen's LED project started LED trading platform to settle in Huaqiang Group

On July 30, the only LED project in Shenzhen supported by the municipal and district governments was officially launched. The project was planned by the Shenzhen LED Industry Federation and invested by Huaqiang Group. The project held a press conference and the signing ceremony for the first batch of merchants in the index release hall of Huaqiang North Huaqiang Electronic World.
Shenzhen LED International Sourcing and Trading Center, covering an area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters, will focus on displaying various LED related products, setting up three areas of application display area, visual experience center and design experience, so as to form an international procurement trading platform and concentrate Display and disseminate LED application design and creative design concepts, fully stimulate market demand through product experience and centralized display, effectively enhance the attention of the whole society to LED, and become a three-in-one international procurement trading platform. The completion of the platform is also an important embodiment of the core competitiveness of the Shenzhen LED industry chain. It is also a platform for resource sharing and exchange between the government, enterprises and industry.
Shenzhen LED International Sourcing and Trading Center will give full play to the role of the platform and gradually realize the functions of product design, display, marketing center and after-sales service product research and development. In order to achieve the flattening of LED enterprise channel sales, the company's sales cost will be reduced, and the center will become a vibrant "one-stop" LED international procurement trading platform. Huaqiang Group strives to make the LED trading center the highest-ranking, largest-scale, internationally-affected trading center in China.

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