LED lighting angle knowledge

The angle of illumination of the diode is also the angle of light scattering. It is mainly controlled by the addition of a scattering agent during diode production. There are three main categories:

High directivity

It is usually a pointed epoxy package or a metal reflective cavity package with no scattering agent. The illumination angle is 5°~20° or less, and it has high directivity. It can be used as a local illumination source or combined with a light detector to form an automatic detection system.

2. Standard type

Usually used as indicator light, its illumination angle is 20 ° ~ 45 °.

3. Scattering type

This is an indicator light with a large viewing angle, the illumination angle is 45°~90° or more, and the amount of the scattering agent is large. (Edit: Technology)

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