Longmao Electronics Introduces 6x1WLED Step-Up MR16 Constant Current Driver Board (Figure)

At present, most of the LED spotlights on the market are 3x1W. However, if a 3W LED is used instead of a 40-50W halogen lamp, the brightness difference is an order of magnitude, so it is necessary to develop a larger wattage LED spotlight. Therefore, current 5x1W or 6x1W LED spotlights are popular with many users. However, the voltage of the MR16 is 12V, and the 5-6 1W LEDs are connected in series, and the voltage exceeds 16-20V. Therefore, unlike the 3x1W, the buck type constant current driving source can be used for driving, but the boost type must be used. The constant current drive source is driven.

In order to meet this need, Longmao has developed the SLM2841SMR16 type drive source. Its shape photo is as follows:

The detailed indicators of the SLM2841SMR16 drive source are as follows:
1. Input voltage: 12V (AC or DC)
2. Output current: 350mA
3. Load capacity: Drive up to 6 1 watt LEDs in series
4. Efficiency: 86%
5. PCB size: 13x22mm

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