Guzhen Lighting: Technology Extension Lighting Industry Chain

Last year's China (Zhongshan) Southern Green Seedlings Expo has not disappeared, and the ancient town is brewing plans to develop aquaculture through the Southern Green Expo platform and the upgrading of the traditional lighting industry. Recently, Su Wenming, deputy secretary of the party committee and town mayor of Guzhen Town, said in an interview that reflecting on the impact of the financial crisis on lighting export enterprises, innovation and upgrading will be the future development direction of Guzhen lighting industry. This year, the town government will strengthen the protection of lighting patent brands and encourage and guide enterprises to make their own products.

Lachang Guzhen Lighting Industry Value Chain

"The most difficult economic year in 2009 has become a history. Because the lighting of our town is obviously affected by the European and American markets, the financial crisis has dealt a great deal on the export of lighting. This prompted the town party committee and the town government to summarize and reflect on the development of the lighting industry in Guzhen." Su Enming said In the past, Guzhen Lighting Industry only focused on finished lamps. In the future, the government will invest financial resources and energy in lighting accessories, production equipment, logistics and other industries to guide enterprises to lengthen the industrial value chain. For example, the lighting accessories exhibition being prepared is government-specific. Guiding strategy.

At present, Guzhen is applying for “Lighting Product Technology Innovation Incubation Base”, and plans to cooperate with domestic universities and scientific research institutions in the development, testing and design of lighting products. Prepare to introduce well-known domestic lighting designers, so that Guzhen Lighting can lead the industry trend.

In the sales of lighting, Guzhen will continue to enhance the brand of China Lighting Fair, and the concept of innovation will be well-known; it will focus on shaping the lighting culture of Lighting Street, and it is planned to establish a star-market hypermarket in the lighting industry, and change the store form of several stores in the past. "Small to a spare screw, up to a few square meters of chandeliers, buyers and consumers can find in the future lighting stores. We hope to form such a professional market, improve the cohesiveness of the merchants." Su Enming said.

Koi, the famous turtle and the first industry

"The price of the new variety Tianji in 2007 was 50 yuan to 70 yuan a pound. Last year, it rose to 150 yuan a pound. It is estimated that the price will rise to 200 yuan a pound this year." Su Enming's example of the price of pheasant multiplied, indicating The future prospects of aquaculture, especially the money turtles, are both ornamental and edible. At the just-concluded Green Expo, the Koi Exhibition and the Famous Turtle Exhibition are known as the national industry event and the largest turtle exhibition in the country, which will cultivate the future Jin Li and Ming turtle market for the ancient town.

“By geographical location, the ancient town is in the upper reaches of the Xijiang section of the Xijiang River, and the water quality is quite good. For the development of the aquaculture industry, the most important thing is water resources.” Su Enming said that the ancient town has the inherent advantages of developing aquaculture. In the future, with the help of the Green Expo brand, aquaculture and display such as ornamental fish and turtles will be gradually introduced, so that the garden industry and the ornamental fish farming industry will complement each other. Su Enming revealed that Koi and the famous turtle are expected to bring the first industry of Wanggu Town. At present, relevant parties in Japan intend to establish a Sino-Japanese Koi Culture Base with the ancient town to further promote the Koi culture.

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