Korean KPI released professional portable small LED outside shooting lights

For those who often take pictures outside, it's important to choose a product that is lightweight and easy to use. The Korean KPI has released a special small LED photography outdoor light called DLOB for the friends of this demand. Although its performance is better, but the price is more expensive, the price is 102,900 yen, equivalent to about 7,300 yuan.

This exterior lamp has a compact appearance, its size is 44 × 123 × 120mm, and the weight is 400g. From the functional design point of view, it is also more professional. In addition to the basic shading and astigmatism functions (around 70 degrees around), it also has built-in multiple color temperature filters for good color temperature adjustment. From a power point of view, it can use a 6 to 18V digital camera DC power supply, or use Sony's NP-F550 battery, its maximum usage time can reach 105 minutes.
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