Juniper: Six network development trends that cannot be ignored

Juniper: Six network development trends that cannot be ignored

As the global economy gradually recovers, the industry is full of anticipation for new developments in 2010. After experiencing the downturn in 2008 and 2009, the boom in the second half of 2009 seems to be dawning. But whether the pace of recovery can really be confirmed in 2010 is critical to the global economy. Looking forward to 2010, Juniper Networks summarizes six major network development trends that companies cannot ignore. The development of these trends will have a decisive and direct impact on the future success or failure of the enterprise.

IPv6: Many people think that IPv6 will glow in 2009, but this is not the case. Internet CorporaTIon for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) predicts that IPv4 domain name addresses will be exhausted in 2010, so the market will have a strong demand for IPv6. Therefore, enterprises must ensure that existing network equipment can support IPv6, and set this standard as a necessary condition for future network equipment procurement.

Cloud computing: Cloud computing should be one of the hottest information technology focuses in 2009, and cloud computing and cloud networks are the way to win for data and data-intensive enterprises. It is expected that in 2010, all solution providers will propose cloud computing-related strategies, which will make cloud computing continue to be the focus of market development.

Virtualization: The rise of cloud computing has also made virtualization a market-focused technology that enables the full use of data center resources including servers, network equipment, and management platforms. In 2010, it is expected that network virtualization will have further development to match other virtualization solutions, and its performance will also be significantly improved.

Data center: The deployment of virtualization solutions in the data center was also the focus of 2009; and it is expected to improve the space allocation, connectivity and operational efficiency of the data center will be the key projects in 2010. As data centers have become more and more valued, governments around the world have begun to discuss plans for specific data centers.

Security: Information security has always been one of the items that all enterprise organizations attach importance to. In 2010, security issues on cloud computing and mobile devices will be more valued. With the popularization of mobile devices, flexible working modes such as mobile offices have emerged one after another, and the requirements of enterprises for network efficiency and security level will be higher and higher.

Carbon reduction and greening: In 2008, companies have focused on how to operate their IT network infrastructure in a more environmentally friendly manner; in 2009, due to the global financial tsunami, companies all shifted their focus to saving money and environmental protection The strategy is temporarily suspended; however, as the global economy gradually stabilized in 2010, and local governments faced climate change and other issues, they have also begun to formulate various carbon reduction policies. Therefore, companies will inevitably turn their attention to green environmental protection, on the one hand, reduce the "carbon footprint", and at the same time reduce the overall cost of ownership and increase the return on investment. It is expected that in 2010, carbon reduction and greening will move from the theoretical stage to actual measurement, and the degree of "greening" compared to servers and network equipment will be more significantly reflected in cost savings.

Juniper Networks recommends that companies plan to take into account the above six trends when planning IT network infrastructure procurement in 2010. On the other hand, Juniper has also made the best preparations to meet these six trends, provide customers with the best solutions, and work with customers to challenge the promising 2010.

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