Ming Wei newly launched PLC series 30~90W Class 2 LED power supply

In response to the increasing demand for LED lighting and decorative light sources, Ming Wei has recently introduced the PLC-30/60/100 series of 30~96W LED power supplies following the PLN-30/60/100 series.

This product will adjust the original PLN series plastic casing mechanism, cancel the original wire-out method and switch to the terminal embryo, so that the technicians can be more flexible in the wiring; and two small holes are opened, so that the user can be dismantled. In the case of the case, the output voltage and current are adjusted; in addition, the full range of products are more in line with UL1310class 2 low power energy regulations, and the output power is less than 100VA or 5A under any operating conditions, greatly reducing the number of technicians constructing or maintaining LEDs. The risk of electric shock that can be encountered when lighting the system.

30~96WLED power supply PLC-30/60/100 series adopts zero current/zero voltage switching technology on the line architecture, the highest working efficiency can reach 89%, and it can work independently at -30~+50°C with natural air cooling; With the built-in active power factor correction (PFC) function, the EU can achieve the EN61000-3-2Class C (75% load) standard for lighting products, and can meet the requirements of PF 0.9 when the output load is above 75%. . As for the international safety certification, it also passed TUV/UL/CUL/CE, including EN61347-2-13, UL1310Class 2, UL879 (UL Sign Components Manual/SAM List - PLC-100) lighting/electronic signage related Regulations, suitable for all kinds of LED lighting power supply, LED decorative power supply, LED stage lights and theater lighting, LED electronic signage and other applications.

Product Features:
"Constant voltage (CC) + constant current (CV)" mode output UL1310 Class 2 power supply full range 90 ~ 264VAC input voltage built-in active PFC, in line with harmonic current EN61000-3-2 Class C requirements (75% load or more) When the output load is more than 75%, the output voltage and output current of PF 0.9 can be finely adjusted according to the demand. The maximum working efficiency is up to 89%. Natural air-cooled heat-insulating plastic housing, terminal-embedded input/output design protection function: short circuit protection, overload protection , over voltage protection, over temperature protection safety certification: UL, CUL, TUV, CE size (LxWxH): 160x 46x 30mm (PLC-30); 181.5x 62x 35mm (PLC-60); 200.5x 70.5x 35mm (PLC -100) 2-year warranty period

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