China's lighting industry: improving quality and sustainable development

China's lighting industry, known as the “sunrise industry”, has grown at an annual rate of more than 20%% in the past 10 years, achieving annual sales of 180 billion yuan, and exports one-third of its products to more than 150 countries around the world. The region has spawned a large number of well-known brands and companies.

The sustainable development of China's lighting industry focuses on improving quality

However, this development momentum is difficult to conceal the economic growth mode in which enterprises are mainly based on low-price competition. In addition, the multinational companies represented by Osram, Philips and GE have increased the local production and sales of the lighting industry in China. The output value, profit margin and market share growth rate of domestic lighting electrical appliance manufacturers showed a slowing trend.

How to improve from the quality improvement and enhance the sustainable development ability and competitiveness of the whole industry, is now testing the domestic lighting electrical industry. It is reported that there are two main reasons for the low-priced and inferior products in China's lighting electrical industry to flood the market: First, many small and medium-sized enterprises are still in the primitive accumulation period at present, they use the lack of knowledge of consumers in identifying the advantages and disadvantages of lighting electrical products. Third-party inspection and supervision agencies still have the opportunity of loopholes and vacuum, so that a large number of low-priced and inferior products are squeezed into the market; second, many companies hold 3C certification and obtain professional certificates from the professional institutions for the samples submitted, but they In order to obtain greater profits, unqualified products that cut corners are often exported to the market.

This kind of situation has led to enterprises that want to follow the path of standardization, scale, intensification and internationalization represented by NVC, etc., and have to face the embarrassing situation of low-price competition; and other enterprises that have the conditions and ability to produce good products. Also have to fall into the lower the price? The thinner the profit? The lower the cost? The lower the quality of the vicious competition, and the reluctance to invest in new products, new technology research and improve product quality.

At present, the gap between China's lighting electrical products is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: First, the power is insufficient. Many inferior product manufacturers maintain the same advertising, logo, appearance, packaging, and specifications as the branded product manufacturers, and even do more to attract customers' attention, but these companies often reduce production costs in a low-power manner. Because the power size is closely related to the production cost. The effective power of lighting appliances directly affects the quality of the lamp voltage, current, service life, illumination, and energy efficiency indicators. And these performance indicators are good or bad, consumers are unrecognizable by the naked eye when purchasing. Second is the low power factor. This is also the reason for enterprises to reduce costs, because the power factor is inversely proportional to the harmonic content, and the harmonic content directly affects the power quality and power supply efficiency of the grid. The third is that it does not have the EMC anti-lightning surge function.

At present, many lighting appliances sold in the market, such as halogen quartz lamps, low-voltage power converters, etc., often do not have EMC requirements for lightning surges, thus contributing to grid security, electrical reliability and service life, and user use. Safety has an impact and hazard. The fourth is the short life of the product. Many manufacturers are in the name of energy saving, but they do not meet the lighting mechanism of fluorescent lamps in the design of products. Moreover, low-cost and inferior raw materials are used to reduce the cost of process, production and management, resulting in the production of products soon after they are used. Blackening is severe until the light decays to the end of life.
To change the above situation, we must find a breakthrough in the improvement of the quality of the whole industry. In addition to the need to continuously strengthen the crisis awareness, the company will create high-quality products and influential brands as the key to development. It also needs relevant national departments to improve the industry standard and standardization, and continuously innovate and improve the rapid inspection technology and means of this product. Wait.

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