IBM: Billboards that change color with pedestrian clothes

If you are told by Auntie to make people feel good, then IBM's latest billboards make full use of this idea. It automatically changes the color on the billboard according to the wearer's wearing.

IBM's latest billboards automatically adjust color based on the color of the passerby's clothes

This latest IBM ad continues the succinct, brightly coloured style of IBM. The billboards use sensors and LED lighting to dynamically update the colors on the billboards to appeal to passers-by.

Obviously, this effort is part of the ongoing marketing campaign for the “Smart Earth” concept. The so-called SmarterPlanet theory was first proposed by IBM at the end of 2008. Its main content is to fully utilize the new generation of IT technology in all walks of life, that is, to embed and equip sensors into the world. In the corners of the grid, railways, bridges, tunnels, highways and other objects, and are generally connected to form the so-called "Internet of Things", and then through the supercomputer and "cloud computing" to integrate the "Internet of Things" to make humans more A fine and dynamic way to manage production and life, thus achieving a global "smart" state; the "IoT" and "Internet" are fully integrated, integrating business systems and social systems with physical systems to form a new, intelligent Infrastructure.

Our wire and cable  requires for product quality certification documents from the supplier, The wiring shall have the factory quality certificate documents, including: certificate of quality (the certificate has the production license number and the "CCC" certification mark), test report and the "CCC" certification certificate; he quality certificate of electric wire shall be the original, if it is a copy, the copy shall be consistent with the original content, with the official seal of the original storage unit affixed, indicating the place where the original is stored, and the signature and time of the handler; The  manufacturer shall have the business license of enterprise legal person.

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