500 LEDs make up a giant flashlight. Unity is power.

This rocket-sized flashlight is made up of 500 high-brightness LED lights of 5 mm size. The flashlight has a battery inside and a complicated operation switch at the bottom to control the switch or adjust the brightness of the lamp. When the brightness is maximum, its power reaches 50 watts.

Giant flashlight

Our Led Street Light is all in one solar design,street light is the product integrated design with led light source, high capacity lithium battery, mono-crystalline solar panel,which have the higher conversion rate for the solar energy convert into electricity. The integrated Solar Street Light saves more energy with its built-in microwave sensor, this sensor allows the street to power down/dim to 30% power saving battery energy when no-one is around.When anyone or anything approaches to within several feet, the sensor will bring the light back to 100% creating a safe area full of light.This product are perfectly used for rural roads,city streets,gardens,playgrounds,courtyards,entrances,parks,villas,gates,laneways etc..

Led Street Light

Led Street Light,Solar Street Light,Led Street Lamp,Outdoor Street Light

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