US LED procurement giant signed the first single of the Canton Fair with 80 million US dollars

The 107th Canton Fair was officially opened on April 15. On the morning of the same day, LumaVue, a US multinational procurement giant, and Guangdong Sunshine Fuyuan Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Zhengben Lighting Co., Ltd. signed a large purchase order of 80 million US dollars in Guangdong Building. It is reported that this is the first order of the transaction after the opening of the 107th Canton Fair.

LumaVue is a professional multinational buyer of LED lighting products based in the United States, focusing on supplying the most advanced green lighting products to North America and other developed countries. John J. Ryan (Gary Dunn), a former Wal-Mart executive and executive vice president of global procurement, became the president of LumaVue three years ago.

Gary Dunn said that the $80 million purchase order was just a "small dish" trial. The strategic cooperation of the three companies in the future will change the previous model of procurement through intermediaries trading companies. Lumawei can directly issue production orders or transform production processes to the two companies in cooperation. Market planning goals are aligned with Wal-Mart sales.

It is understood that the company's heads of experience in global procurement, plans to focus on the procurement of LED lighting products, to create the world's largest LED supplier.

Shenzhen Sunshine Fuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-power LED lighting products in China. It has nearly 20 invention patents and utility model patents. Its products and technologies have been exported to developed countries such as Canada and Europe. Guangzhou Zhengben Lighting has been working in the LED industry for nearly 10 years. It is the first domestic high-tech enterprise in Guangdong to develop LED field.

Tan Xiao, general manager of Lumawei Asia, said that after more than a year of searching, the company chose these two companies to become strategic partners. The strategic cooperation agreement signed by the three parties today integrates the advantages of the three companies in order to enter the international market. (Editor: maysoong)

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