Mingwei New Products: CEN-100 Series - 96W Economy Case LED Power Supply

As energy costs continue to rise and global warming becomes more and more serious, LED-related applications advertised as green and energy-saving are becoming more and more popular. In addition, in recent years, major countries in the world have also formulated relevant development policies for LEDs, and the LED-related application market continues to heat up. In order to meet the increasing demand for low-cost LED lighting/decorative light source and indoor and outdoor waterproof lighting applications, Ming Wei has introduced a 96W metal shell type, lower price and active power factor correction after the CLG-100 series. Active PFC) high dust and water resistant (IP66) grade LED power supply ~CEN-100. This series is designed to meet the requirements of IP66 through the mechanism, which saves the cost of internal glue filling, and uses a single-stage PFC structure in the line design to achieve high PF value in the most economical way, so it can be kept low. cost. In addition, this series is specially equipped with two small holes on the outer casing to allow the user to adjust the output voltage (±10%) and current (75~100%) without disassembling the outer casing.

CEN-100 adopts high-efficiency high-frequency switching technology design, which makes the working efficiency up to 91%, so it can work only at -30~+70°C with natural air cooling to meet the working environment requirements of outdoor use all over the world. It is designed to meet the harsh environment of outdoor rain, and is designed with an all-aluminum casing, stainless steel screws, and waterproof wire. This series has a wide input voltage range of 90~295VAC, which can meet the 277VAC mains use in North America, while the built-in active power factor correction (Active PFC) can meet the EU EN61000-3-2 harmonic current Class C rating (> 60% load), and can meet the requirements of PF>0.9 when the load is above 60%, and also has the ability to withstand industrial grade instantaneous lightning strike 4KV (EN61000-4-5), which is in line with street lighting and general lighting related applications. Demand. Other built-in features and functions include "constant voltage (CV) + constant current (CC)" mode output, short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, etc. This product also complies with international safety certifications such as TUV/UL/CUL/CE, including EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, UL8750 and other LED lighting application regulations, so that you can use it safely. Suitable applications include LED street lights. , outdoor electronic signage, indoor and outdoor LED lighting power supply.
Constant voltage (CV) + constant current (CC) mode output wide range 90~295VAC AC input voltage (can be used in 277VAC citywide in North America) Built-in active PFC, in line with harmonic current EN61000-3-2 Class C requirements (60% load or more) PF>0.9 when the output load is more than 60% High dustproof and waterproof grade (IP66) The output voltage and output current can be finely adjusted according to the demand. The maximum working efficiency is up to 91%. Natural air cooling protection function: short circuit protection, Overload protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection safety certification: UL8750, EN61347-2-13, EN55015, EN61547 and other related applications (size x width x height): 193x 62.5x 40.5mm 3 year warranty

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