CLDA networking event ended successfully

Spring is a season of vitality and a season of beauty, magic and hope. In this spring season, on April 10, 2010, CLDA held a board meeting and council member networking event in Changping Xiangying Hotel, Dongguan. The delegation of CLDA Xie Maotang, Secretary Huang Yumin, Director Zeng Hongwei, Director Ge Guohua, Director Xu Qinghui Representatives attended the council meeting, and CLDA members, lighting manufacturers, media, and hotel owners attended the fraternity. In this networking event, Zhao Haitian, a professor at Shenzhen University, was appointed as a member of the CLDA Board of Directors responsible for the work of the Regulatory Commission. Aladdin Lighting reported on the event. On the morning of April 11, 2010, all the personnel who participated in the event moved to Dongguan Yigao Lighting and visited the exhibition hall to enjoy the lighting products of Yigao.

Activity scene

President Xie issued a letter of appointment to Zhao Haitian, a professor at Shenzhen University

Photo taken at the event

Aladdin Lighting Network Editor and guests photo

KTV loves to sing

Visit Dongguan Yigao Lighting Group

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