LED TV development into a low carbon era

“2010 Q2 Quarter China Electronic Information Industry Economic Operation and Color TV Industry Research Conference” was held in Beijing. With the theme of green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection, the conference focused on outstanding companies that have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of low-carbon and environmental protection, and selected the most representative green energy-saving products. Among them, TCL P21FBDE successfully won the “Green Innovation Award” for its successful application in the new generation of LED low-carbon energy-saving technology.

According to calculations, a 42-inch TCL new-generation LED TV P21 and the same size of ordinary LCD TV, within the normal life of the TV, will nearly save nearly 7,000 yuan in electricity costs, which is equivalent to a normal LCD The price of the TV. Since entering 2010, China's color TV industry is evolving a trend toward low-carbon energy-saving and ultra-thin high-definition LED TV. In order to seize the opportunity of development, TCL took this opportunity to set off a "second revolution" in the development of LED LCD TVs, bringing a new development opportunity for the overall situation of China's color TV industry.

In addition to applying the industry's first synchronous variable frequency power supply technology to LED TVs, it sets a new benchmark for energy saving in the field of LED TVs. In terms of functional applications, TCL LED TVs are also based on the powerful mitv Internet TV platform, enjoying massive video content and continuous intelligent application upgrades, allowing users to experience the happy TV life brought by “LED+ Internet”. At the same time, the digital all-in-one function of HDTV has pushed the development of LED TV technology to a new height.

Strain Insulator are used in guy cables supporting utility poles, to prevent any high voltage on the cable due to leakage currents or an electrical fault on the pole from reaching the lower part of the cable which is accessible by the public. Strain Insulators For Lines are also used in guys supporting radio antenna masts. Strain Type Insulator will normally installed in the middle of stay wire. Strain Post Insulator give protection in the event of accidentally broken live wire that can accidentally energizing a stay wire and remaining in contact with line which doesn`t trip. 


1.The ceramic is under compression rather than tension, which takes advantage of ceramic's greater compressional strength
2.If the ceramic breaks the two wire loops are still linked and will not fall to the ground
3.Very long life, made of inorganic materials and do not age
4.Very reliable, with a proven track record. Over 80 years of experience
5.Easier to maintain, can be coated and washed
6.Strong in compression

The following strain insulators comply with the ANSI standard, the glaze colour of the insulators are brown etc..

Type 54-1 54-2 54-3 54-4
Creepage Distance,mm 41  48  57  76
Main Dimensions H 89 108 140 171
h 44 57 79 67
h1 64 76 103 114
D 64 73 86 89
d 44 54 60 60
d1 16 22 25 25
Mechanical Failing Load,KN 44 53 89 89
Low Frequence Flashover Voltage Dry,KV 25 30 35 40
Wet,KV 12 15 18 23
Net Weight, Each Approx., kg 0.5 0.65 1.2 2.2
strain insulator bluestrain insulator brownstrain insulatorstrain insulator 54-2

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