It is expected that the price of the chip will drop to 1/10 of the current LED lamp within three years into the ordinary family.

LED lighting equipment has high efficiency, energy saving, long life, but it is expensive, and it has been difficult to get into the homes of ordinary people. Yesterday, Pi Hongyi, vice president of Sunshine Fuyuan, which is famous for the research and development and production of high-power LED road lighting equipment, said that the main problem is that the price of chips is still high, but with the increase of production, the price of chips can be reduced to three years. 1/10, LED lights can quickly enter the ordinary family.

Yesterday morning, Sunshine Fuyuan signed a cooperation agreement with Canada's famous new energy promotion agency, Canada Ainsen Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, to establish a joint venture company in Canada with technology shares. This is the first time that China's LED road lighting high-end technology is exported to developed countries.

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