Hubei Fancheng Economic Development Zone

Hubei Fancheng Economic Development Zone is located in Taipingdian Town, Fancheng District, Xiangfan City. The town is the “Star of China Township”, “National Township Enterprise East-West Cooperation Demonstration Zone”, “National Small Town Comprehensive Reform Pilot Town”, Development Zone, January 2003 It was approved by the Provincial Government Development Office and the Sports Reform Commission as a provincial-administered development zone with a controlled area of ​​17 square kilometers, a planned area of ​​5.4 square kilometers, 35 kilometers away from Xiangfan city center, and adjacent to Xiaoyu, Yiqiang Expressway, Fangyuan, Xiangfan and Wudang Mountain. One airport, the Ningbo Railway, the 316 National Highway, and the Han River pass through the development zone. There is one Chenjiahu Railway Station and two Hanjiang 30-ton wharfs with convenient transportation.

The infrastructure in the development zone has achieved “five connections and one leveling”. It has two water plants with a daily water supply of 200,000 tons, a steam supply of 325 tons per hour, a thermal power station with an installed capacity of 24,000 kWh, and a 220,000 volt substation. Wanmen program-controlled telephones, financial, business, education, health and other social ancillary service systems are also becoming more and more perfect, fully equipped to absorb large industrial projects.

The development zone has six functional communities, namely, chemical fiber industrial park, textile industrial park, high-tech park, sheet metal processing park, mechanical processing park, and agricultural and sideline products deep processing park. There are several chemical fiber enterprises and 13 textile enterprises and 12 plate processing enterprises in the development zone, including Hubei Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd., Hubei Chemical Fiber Development Co., Ltd., Hubei Jinhuan Co., Ltd., Hubei Jingwei Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., and the main products are the year. Production of 14,000 tons of viscose staple fiber, 12,000 tons of viscose rayon, 35,000 tons of chemical fiber cotton pulp, 1,500 tons of cellophane, 2000 tons of polyester industrial line, 2000 tons of polypropylene industrial line, 6000 tons of dipped cord fabric, 5,000 tons of carbon disulfide. The textile enterprise has 100,000 spindles, 30,000 tons of cotton yarn per year, and 1000 sets of looms. The annual output is 20 million meters and the annual output of plates is 50,000 cubic meters. The park's existing assets total 2.1 billion yuan, net assets of 850 million yuan, 15,000 employees, including more than 1,300 professional and technical personnel. Initially formed chemical fiber, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, knitting garment processing industry integration and plate scale production.

The new management system and operation mechanism in the district are becoming more and more perfect. The development zone implements closed management and open operation in accordance with the requirements of “small government, large service and high efficiency”. The development zone actively implements the policy of “low tax zone and zero fee building”. , take a "one-stop" service. With its remarkable location advantages, abundant resources, convenient transportation conditions, preferential policies and efficient and capable management and operation mechanism, Fancheng Economic Development Zone warmly welcomes Chinese and foreign businessmen to come to visit and negotiate trade. Investment development.

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