Shen Kangjia intends to participate in the LED enterprise experts believe that it has lagged

Hexun stock news September 30, Shen Kangjia (000016) announced that in order to ensure the supply of LED TV upstream supply, the company will invest no more than 200 million yuan to seek participation in LED companies. Lu Jianbo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, believes that Shenkang's current entry into the LED upstream industry has lagged behind. From the perspective of industry extension, the company's move is not necessary.

Shenkang A announced that in order to ensure the supply of upstream supply of LED TV, the company is seeking the possibility of participating in LED companies, but the company has no intention to invest more than 200 million yuan, and it is not intended to obtain a controlling position in LED companies or to lead the management of enterprises. The partners and cooperation programs have not yet been determined. Lu Jianbo said that Konka's current entry into the LED upstream industry has a general impact on the company's development, and the investment of 200 million yuan is not large. From the perspective of industrial extension, TV companies have lagged behind the LED upstream industry. At present, Chinese TV companies do not have the strength to break through the industrial chain.

Shenzhen Konka A opened 5.89 lower today, and fell by 2.64% as of 14:00. Wang Xiaoying, an analyst at Guojin Securities, said that Konka's entry into the LED upstream industry is in line with the company's business development. From a cost perspective, it is a good development direction for the company. Judging from the company's stock price performance, the company's current valuation is high, which already includes the impact of industry extension. It is not recommended for investors to intervene.

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