GE miniature projection camera PJ1 with LED light source is expected to be launched in February 2010

At the photo photographic equipment exhibition Photokina in 2010, the micro-projection digital camera GE PJ1 received attention, and this product was launched by General Imaging Company (GIC), a camera unit of General Electric (GE), which was involved in the supply chain of the Taiwan factory. It is matt.

According to the product data, the weight of the PJ1 is 163 grams. The LED projection technology used is the DLP technology of Texas Instruments (TI). The maximum brightness is 15 lumens, the resolution is up to 640x360, and the projection distance is from 20 cm to 2 meters. 300:1, the screen size is 5吋 to 7吋, can be connected with the computer, the projected battery life is 1 hour.

As for its digital camera function, it is 14.1 million pixels, 7x optical zoom, can shoot 720p digital video, is the first digital camera with built-in DLP micro projection base, using LED light source.

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