LED indoor lighting market strategy is recognized by the industry

“In terms of the product characteristics of LEDs, the most suitable place for application is indoor lighting.” This is the view of many companies in the interview. For example, Tang Guoqing, general manager of Cree China Market, said that relatively outdoor road lighting needs to face many challenges and challenges in nature. LEDs are used indoors, have better stability and reliability, and the difficulty coefficient is greatly reduced, and the development speed will be faster. . Wu Wenfeng, president of Yayi Lighting, also said that LED has a larger space for indoor lighting development and is more suitable for the characteristics of the product itself. It is expected that with the price reduction, technology advancement and product maturity, LED is expected to be in 3 years or so. Large-scale entry into the field of indoor general lighting. Gong Weibin, general manager of Shenzhen Ruifeng Photoelectric Co., Ltd. said that with the steady increase in the market share of LED lighting, the scale will reach 5% of the indoor lighting market within three years. Tang Shiquan, chairman of Taiwan Tangshi Lighting, said that the luminous efficiency of LED is steadily increasing. At present, the luminous efficiency of 120lm/W makes LED light source can replace traditional energy-saving lamps. In the next few years, the LED indoor lighting market will surely expand with the further improvement of the luminous efficiency of LED light sources. When its luminous efficiency exceeds 150lm/W, LED lighting products can fully meet the requirements of most indoor lighting environments.

Indeed, in terms of product characteristics, LEDs have many advantages for indoor lighting. First of all, the brightness and color of the LED are adjustable, which can perfectly satisfy the color atmosphere of the interior decoration. In the development of the scene lighting market, it has the advantage that the traditional light source is incomparable. Secondly, the LED is easy to dynamically control, and the cluster control can be designed according to the user's needs. In some occasions requiring programming capability, a series of solutions can be provided to provide convenient operation for intelligent management of indoor lighting. Thirdly, the LED is compact and more decorative. Through the design of the luminaire, it can be integrated with the building to achieve the effect of seeing no light. Fourth, LEDs have long life and no mercury, which is in line with the national policy of “energy saving and emission reduction”. Of course, you can also list the fifth, sixth... more advantages. Although the lighting products of large public buildings and office spaces are mostly based on T12 straight tube fluorescent lamps and grid lights. In commercial places such as hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., lighting products are mainly T10 or T8 straight tube fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, grid lamps, halogen lamps. However, with the improvement of LED technology, the emergence of energy-saving effects, and the decline of cost, LED has begun to enter indoor commercial lighting and even some household lighting markets in both the international market and the domestic market, showing a good momentum of development.

According to the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance statistics, as of February 2009, the domestic market has installed and used more than 200,000 LED indoor lighting fixtures. It is estimated that the total amount of 2009 will reach 300,000 baht, which is expected in the future. In 5 years, LEDs have been gradually applied from high-end home decoration lighting to functional indoor and outdoor lighting.


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