Playsay: a foreign language learning app that combines social and gaming

In today's mobile application market, the mobile education market is an important part of it, but also a market with great potential. Today, the mobile education market is welcoming a new competitive participant, the Playsay app. Playsay is a language learning iPhone app that combines social and gaming. Playsay currently has a total investment of $820,000, but it currently only offers learning services in both Spanish and English.

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In fact, Playsay has been available as a Facebook app last year. It has increased the interest of foreign language learning by translating information such as status updates and image content of users' Facebook friends into foreign languages ​​that they want to learn. Today's new Playsay iPhone app is based on the same principle, but Playsay relies on its own platform as the basis for language learning, instead of relying on Facebook.


Playsay application interface

Playsay is also very simple to use. Similar to the recent hot paintings I guess the game Draw Something, Playsay provides an interactive learning method, you need a partner to use Playsay for entertainment language learning. When your native language is English and you want to learn Spanish with Playsay, Playsay will help you find Spanish-speaking learning partners to talk and learn, and you can learn their pronunciation. In addition, Playsay's own speech recognition technology can also identify your pronunciation is accurate. Learning is mutual, and your partner can learn English from you at the same time. The language learning scenarios provided by Playsay are very practical scenes, such as dating scenes and question path scenes, rather than the very blunt learning style in the textbook. The following video will help you more intuitively understand how to use Playsay:

The person in charge of Playsay said that it took four years to develop the app. In addition, Playsay has developed a number of other language learning applications, including Japanese, French, and Spanish. Although the Playsay iPhone app launched today only supports English/Spanish languages, it will gradually add more languages ​​in the future.

In addition, Playsay has signed a licensing agreement with HarperCollins, the world's largest foreign language dictionary publisher, so that HarperCollins' content will be integrated into Playsay's upcoming value-added content service model, that is, those paid Users can get more professional language learning content from HaperCollins.

Currently, this Playsay iPhone app is free to download. If you are interested, you can download it.

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