7 LED lighting applications you never thought of

After the oil and electricity prices doubled up, everyone took out the bills and carefully studied how to save money. Many people decided to switch to LED bulbs . In fact, the function of LED technology is not limited to energy saving. The following LED applications are invented. Some are taking practical routes, some are sci-fi movies as reality, and some are looking at people who are super-obscene. Do you know which one you like the most?
LED virtual sky
Research reports show that working in daylight can increase productivity by 15%, so the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO has developed LED virtual sky panels to replace natural office ceilings with LED bulbs to create natural sky and sunshine. The happy working environment improves the productivity of employees, and the energy saving effect of LED bulbs is eight times higher than that of traditional white heat bulbs, which is a win-win effect for enterprises to save electricity and improve work efficiency.
Solar LED skylight
Everyone knows that the car parked under the sun is really hot enough to bake a whole chicken, but if you only think about how delicious the roast chicken is, it is a waste of the gift of the sun father, Philips developed The solar LED sunroof allows the driver to switch to the normal sunroof or solar LED interior lights. Of course, in addition to the interior lights, there are also directional lights, brake lights and other places where the car can shine.
Bionic LED contact lenses
The biomimetic LED contact lens developed by Aalto University in Finland can transmit information to the transparent sapphire substrate containing LED. The wearer can directly read the information that can only be read from the computer, such as e-mail, from the contact lens. Scenes that can only be seen in science fiction films are moved to real life.
LED strip
Every important holiday, many foreigners always like to dress up their own homes with lights . If you choose old-fashioned colored light bulbs, you can't keep up with the times. Now there are LED strips on the market, which are not only lighter, but also more energy-efficient. The color is also more selective. You can buy one roll at a time. You can also cut it into various sizes. At the same time, it has waterproof function and is installed outdoors. It definitely makes your home the brightest star in the community.
LED wallpaper
I didn't think LED can be used as a wallpaper. The LED wallpaper developed by Philips allows you to change the color of the wallpaper at any time, and emits a light-emitting LED wallpaper, just like countless shining balls.
LED solar can
Grab a few fireflies in a jar, accompanied by a slight fluorescent light, and walk home on a country road. Nowadays, it is difficult for children to have such an experience, but the Consol solar cans launched in South Africa, during the daytime. After absorbing solar energy, LED small lights can be made at night, which can more or less make up for such regrets, especially on the dining table. There are LED lights that are lit and not damaging the atmosphere, with a few carefully prepared dishes. A romantic dinner.
LED eyelashes
Now there is a makeup technique that emphasizes how bright the eyes are, but in the face of the LED eyelashes of designer Soomi Park, I am afraid that the whole is compared. No matter how long and how long the LED eyelashes are, the light will follow the blink of an eye. Flashing lights, you should let everyone wear sunglasses to avoid flashing.

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