Shengda Electric Industry Launches High Voltage Large Series LED Driver Series to Capture LED Street Light Dressing Market

On May 9, Shengda Electric Co., Ltd. announced the launch of a series of high-voltage, high-efficiency and stable series high-voltage series LED driver products, which will lock in the green energy business opportunities in the LED street lamp reloading market.

Shengda's new high-voltage series LED driver series meets the standards and related technical specifications of CNS 15233 LED road lighting fixtures for the whole set of LED street lighting plans. The excellent thermal conductivity design of the LED driver effectively improves the heat dissipation of the LED lamp.

In addition, the Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) technology is simple in structure, which not only improves lighting reliability, but also reduces the size and weight of the luminaire. IP67 waterproof and dustproof protection of the rugged enclosure, can extend the life of LED lamps and reduce maintenance costs. The LCMS intelligent street lamp control management system designed and configured by the lighting supplier uses advanced communication technologies such as wireless and power lines to set the street lamp schedule to automatically adjust the brightness and darkness, and automatically detect the damage warning and provide remote control of the control center. Management, effectively improve lighting efficiency, save manpower maintenance costs and improve street lamp asset management.

Shengda Electric said that the high-voltage large series LED driver series and LCMS intelligent street lamp control management system will bring innovative and energy-saving application design to street lighting.

Office Window Cleaning Robot

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Specifications of robotic window cleaner:

Dimensions: 285*136*100mm

Weight: 0.92kg

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Working height: No limited

Anti-drop control: UPS / safety rope

Detection window frame: Auto recognition

Operation: Automatic / remote control

Alarm prompt function: Voice alarm

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Office Window Cleaning Robot

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