Samsung will expand production of 28nm mobile application processors next year

Samsung Electronics Co. (Samsung Electronics Co) announced on the 20th that it has completed negotiations with the Texas state government on the US $ 3.9 billion system-on-chip expansion plan, and the investment case will start as scheduled.

Samsung announced on August 21 that the Texas AusTIn chip factory will spend $ 4 billion to upgrade the existing production line process to increase the production of system chip capacity widely used in smart phones and tablets.

It is understood that in the middle of this month, there were media reports that Samsung Texas AusTIn 12-inch chip factory will start to use 28-nanometer process to expand production of mobile application processors from the second half of 2013. If the above-mentioned latest investment case is included in the calculation, the accumulated investment in Samsung AusTIn Semiconductor Corporation (note: the current total number of employees is 2,500) so far in 1996 will reach 11 billion US dollars.

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